Non-Surgical Pain Relief in Newport Beach, CA


For many people suffering with chronic pain, surgery to relieve the problem isn't an option. Older individuals or those with several health problems, are often judged to be unsuitable surgery candidates. In other cases, patients may have already tried surgery without success so are in desperate need of an alternative approach. We are a pain management center serving the Newport Beach area, providing patients with a holistic range of non-surgical interventions that showcase the most advanced approaches in Eastern and Western medicine.

Pain Management Doctor That Offers a Wide Range of Options

We can offer medication management, as well as a number of other treatments which are proven to reduce or even completely eliminate pain in a significant number of individuals. Our treatments include stem cell therapy, SI joint injections, platelet rich plasma and many more interventions. When you visit our pain management center, we will undertake a full assessment of your pain issues before creating a personalized care plan, tailored to your individual requirements.

Pain Relief for Joints and Limbs

Although it's common for patients to suffer from back or neck problems, we can also deal effectively with sore limbs, hands or feet. Many of the approaches we use are ideal for people who have sustained sports injuries or have otherwise injured their arms or legs. We can also help with chronic headaches, as well as chronic pain located elsewhere in the body. No matter where your pain is located, we can usually come up with a plan for treating it.

Proven Pain Relief Interventions Available in Newport Beach, CA

All the interventions that we provide have been shown by research to improve pain symptoms. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to pain management that provides effective relief as well as an alternative to painkiller dependency. If you would like to find out more about what our experienced, professional team can do to help, Call us at (714) 622-5057 to find out more.