Effective Pain Relief for Costa Mesa, CA Patients


Chronic pain can be extremely difficult to live with, severely limiting daily activities and contributing to mental distress. In many cases patients can end up with little treatment besides pain killers. Long term use of narcotics can result in dependency problems, as well as fails to directly treat the problems that may be causing the pain. We are bringing together Eastern and Western approaches to medicine in order to provide a holistic approach to pain management.

Pain Management Center That Offers a Wide Range of Treatments

We offer each patient at Aspire Pain Medical Center a thorough assessment, working with them to identify a suitable treatment plan. The interventions we offer include medication management, discography, spinal cord stimulation, disc regenerative therapy and prolotherapy in addition to a variety of integrated techniques such as hormonal balance evaluation, therapeutic exercise assessments and osteopathy. Because we are able to offer a variety of interventions, we can usually put together an individualized program based on the needs of each patient.

Board-Certified Pain Management Doctor in Costa Mesa

We use only Board-certified, professional physicians who have a strong track record in effectively treating pain from a number of different conditions. With particular specialization in treating pain, they are frequently able to bring relief to patients suffering from degenerative disc disease, arthritic pain, sports injuries and other neck or spinal problems. Our treatments are suitable for people of all ages and because they don't involve surgery, they are often appropriate for older people or those with multiple or complex medical conditions.

Costa Mesa, CA, Pain Management Center

We are in a convenient location for anyone that lives or works in the Costa Mesa area, offering non-surgical options for pain that are minimally invasive at the same time as delivering maximum impact. To find out more about how we can help, or to book an appointment, Call Aspire Pain Medical Center now at (714) 622-5057.